Payment Method

We acknowledge Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Obviously, our payment technique happens expertly with the goal that we could acknowledge just cards. Our payment system is very secure and private with the goal that we couldn’t spill account data to a third party site. The Payment strategy is basic and 100% secure for everybody. When you put in an order at our site, we will pick and afirm for your order. You will buy just through online and payment is also simple for one to complete orders. So, we will be upbeat by observing your orders and make a protected payment. We generally give 100% secure payment where customers can arrange it by means of online.

Security :

UnitedMenStore uses security innovation, including firewalls and Secure Socket Layers to ensure data submitted through this site and has techniques set up to guarantee paper and PC systems and databases are secured against unapproved revelation, use, misfortune and harm. You should, accordingly, guarantee that any PC, gadget or phone you use to get to your online patient record is reasonably protected from potential interference. Generally, electronic transmissions are never totally private or secure and there is a hazard, in this manner, that any electronic transfer sent may be captured and conceivably perused by others.

Presently money down is one of saving payment technique and the customer can collect the package and after that hand over the cash at an ideal time. In this way, the customer can essentially enjoy getting full and committed payment technique to arrange significant item by means of using the mobile itself. Sooner or later, the online business gives unique money back offers and furthermore extra help for the customer to gather the payment without meeting any inconvenience of it.