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What is Fildena 50?

Fildena 50 is generally used to treat male sexual confusion, erectile dysfunction or impotence. It supplies adequate blood to the penis, helping it to get erect. The significant usage of Fildena, however, is to treat erectile dysfunction in men and is now and again considered for pneumonic blood vessel hypertension cases. A functioning ingredient, sildenafil citrate acts by expanding blood flow to the penis bringing about better and longer erection in men.

Fildena 50mg works by hindering the chemical phosphodiesterase in the body. In blend with sexual incproductent, sildenafil works by helping the blood flow into the penis to achieve and look after erection, during physical intercourse.

The medication is consumed without food or liquor. Taking it 20 minutes to 1 hour to sexual incproductent is suggested as this gives the medication time to be consumed and get into the body.

After having been in task for over 10 years, the organization professes to supply its products to in excess of 200,000 persons spread far and wide. They fabricate Fildena, Tadalafil, Sildenafil, and Vardenafil all went for treating erection issues in men.

Fildena 50 Side Effects

  • Tireless usage of Fildena 50 may cause some side effects. The most widely recognized sildenafil citrate reactions are mellow and you should not stress over them.
  • They include gastrointestinal miracles, sickness, and skin flushing.
  • There can be examples of rashes, though others can create rhinitis and nasal blockage.
  • Taking the medication in anomalous high dosages may cause serious hypersensitive outcomes.


Fildena is intended for oral use. It should be taken 20 minutes earlier physical intercourse. It doesn’t give any safety against transmission of HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and so forth.


In light of the age, medicine resilience and response to the medication, the dose is chosen. Consequently, the patient should dependably consult a doctor before the usage.

Missed dose:

Fildena 50 is taken just “when required”.


Fildena 50mg sildenafil tablets should be put away at a room temperature that ranges from 15-30 degrees. It should be avoided reach of kids and pets, ideally in a shut and bolted cabinet. Protect the medication from light, heat and moisture with the goal that it holds its unique impacts.

Continuously check the expiry date of the drug before using it. In the event of lapsed drug, it should be disposed of legitimately with the assistance of nearby waste transfer organization.

Before using Fildena 50, the patients should check the ingredients present in it. If they are hypersensitive to any ingredient, should tell their doctor about that.

If you don’t mind consult a doctor:

  • If the patient has medical history of any illness
  • If the patient is using any drug that has nitrate or any nitrogen containing ingredient in it, at that point Fildena 50 should be stayed away from.
  • Intake of liquor should be stayed away from by the patient when using Fildena.
  • The patient should stay away from grape products of the soil juice when taking Fildena.

Sildenafil Citrate action

With an expansion in the convergence of cGMP in these cells, a measure of nitric oxide in the helicon supply routes increments bringing about the casual, smooth muscles around the corridors.

At the point when the veins have loose, there will be more blood flowing into the penile organ, henceforth an unbending and firm penis and delayed erection.

The medication is available in different structures like gel tops and has turned out to be effective in tackling male erectile issues directly from the roots. Because of its adequacy, taking over the top amounts of the medication is carefully denied.

It tends to be so baffling when you can’t achieve an erection when your partner is prepared for you. However, with this prescription, numerous sexual issues are understood bringing about agreeable sex and sound connections. Using Fildena enables men to achieve and keep up an erection for a few hours.

It is effective to the point that once taken; you can achieve an erection whenever you need inside a 4-6 hour time span. Basically swallow the medication with a lot of water without adjusting its bundling, for instance, don’t bite gel tops as this would influence its adequacy. At the point when expended as endorsed, the drug will remain active longer. The medication works just when is taken in blend with complete sexual incproductent.

When not to take Fildena tablets:

  • Serious liver hindrance.
  • Those with serious kidney hindrance.
  • Men with low circulatory strain should maintain a strategic distance from Fildena.
  • The persons who as of late endured a heart attack or stroke.
  • Avoid from consolidating Fildena 50 mg with other non-ED drug since the interaction may have unfavorable. Health impacts except if with the guidance of your doctor.

Interaction with Other Drugs

  • One should be watchful when taking Fildena50 since it has solid medication cooperation with different drugs.
  • Try not to use the other ED prescription with Fildena as you may cause unfriendly reactions.
  • There are groups of medications that you should not consolidate with sildenafil citrate.
  • These include alpha and beta blockers and a choice of recreational medications like poppers.
  • You should avoid from joining some antidepressants with sildenafil citrate since they can deliver unfavorable impacts.
  • Never use nitrates and pulse controlling mats with ED drug.
  • This also applies if a person is as of now using sildenafil citrate to treat other health conditions.

Interaction With Alcohol

When you expend liquor and certain drinks like grapefruit juice, they can respond with the medication and moderate down its viability.


The medication is available in a type of hard tablets and delicate simple to-swallow gel cases. This makes it incredible for those with gulping troubles. The client audits state everything, amazing fulfillment with the execution, sparing connections and re-establishing men’s certainty around the globe. No clients state they are discontent with the adequacy of the medication, just cheerful clients.

The main concern was if the medication is FDA approved for the US advertise, this is guaranteed. The medicine has an exceptionally high appraising because of its viability, simplicity of usage, insignificant side effects, and FDA endorsement.

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